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Cities Skylines 2 meets Stalker, with a free Steam download

Cities Skylines 2 mixes with Stalker and maybe a little bit of Metro in a superb Soviet-themed building game, available to try now with a free Steam download.

Workers and Resources Steam: A Soviet town from Steam city building game Workers and Resources Soviet Republic

Cities Skylines 2 is almost upon us, and from what we’ve seen, it’s delivering every minute and specific little detail we could want in a city builder. At the same time, the late Soviet era aesthetic of Stalker – and the upcoming Stalker 2 – provides one of the best-looking environments in all of gaming. Those big factories. The chunky old cars. Metro 2033, Metro Last Light, and Metro Redux make the most of the Soviet style, which brings to vivid life a kind of decrepit old world waiting to be reborn. You put all this together, the mechanics of Cities Skylines, and the visual flair of Metro and Stalker, and you get Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic, a superlative city sim that’s just signed to a new publisher, and available to try with a free Steam download.

As the leader of your own late-Russian era city, Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic puts you in charge of managing everything, from manufacturing to housing, traffic and investments. Grow crops, mine uranium, cultivate livestock, invest in technology – the markets in Workers and Resources constantly shift, with prices going up and down based on global demand, and it’s your responsibility to keep your people in profit. This is a detailed, in-depth city building game where every tweak matters.

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Naturally, you also need to keep your citizens happy. They need food, culture, healthcare, decent clothes, and – occasionally – a little reminder to remain loyal to the government. Lose their fealty, and you might find yourself ousted from power. Aside from its often tongue-in-cheek Soviet style, what Workers and Resources boasts is depth.

It looks fantastic, but don’t forget that every aspect of your burgeoning satellite city needs careful consideration and balance. If you like the fastidious details and planning of Cities Skylines, but with a little more visual flair, you can get the demo for Workers and Resources now. Alternatively, the full game – which has just been signed by Xenonauts and strategy game publisher Hooded Horse – is available for $34.99 / £27.79.

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