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9/10 Soviet city builder introduces campaign mode in big free update

Beloved city-building strategy game Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic kicks off its story mode and adds new vehicles with update 13.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic update 13 - Two trains and a helicopter pass by a series of high-rise buildings in this city-building strategy game.

With the likes of Cities Skylines 2 and Against the Storm now out and established, and 2024 promising even more big city-building games including Frostpunk 2 and the highly wishlisted Manor Lords, another Steam strategy game with a ‘very positive’ 92% user rating has just launched its latest free update. Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic update 13 includes the long-teased introduction of its campaign mode, new vehicles, additional default maps, and more for the 3Division management sim published by Hooded Horse.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic is all about building a fledgling ex-Soviet republic into a burgeoning, thriving industrial superpower. It features a deep simulation both of your own republic and of the global economy that surrounds it, with a rich level of control that makes it a fine addition to the best city-building games, especially if you’re looking for a more comprehensive economic simulation.

Arriving Friday, January 26, version – otherwise known as update 13 – introduces the first two missions of the game’s story mode. The first of these missions, “A New Republic is born,” is also designed to function as a tutorial, helping you get to grips with the basics of city building, resource management, and crafting those optimal supply chains. The second mission, “Soviet Revolution,” sees you taking control of a pre-existing republic and solving its issues, rather than building your city out from scratch.

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Along with these missions, which are just the first pair of what’s planned to be a more extensive campaign mode, update 13 includes new airplanes, the ability to build basic grass airfields, new buildings and other vehicles, two new default maps, and some overall graphical improvements. Developer 3Division says it’s hoping to launch the next part of the campaign later in 2024.

Workers and Resources: Soviet Republic update 13 is out now. It’s a free update for all players. You can buy the game via Steam Early Access, if you’re curious to try it for yourself – expect to pay $39.99/£34.99. The team says it’s “now nearing the end of the early access process, but there is still more planned” before the arrival of its full 1.0 version.

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