We’ve got 1000 UK keys for the World of Tanks Generals closed beta. Fancy one?

World of Tanks Generals

If there’s one thing PC gamers know, it’s that the subtitle ‘Generals’ can yield surprising, exciting results for an established strategy series. In the case of World of Tanks, it’s meant swapping flattened French countryside for flattened bits of card in your browser. 

UK residents! How would you like to fire real-world artillery and steer historical machinery in a format not unlike that of Blizzard’s world-conquering CCG?

You can register your interest in giving a stranger a good decking by signing into your PCGamesN account and dropping an email address into the widget below. We promise it won’t be abused for advertising, 3am drunken conversation, or indeed anything other than this giveaway.

Just to be clear: these are UK-only codes. If you’re elsewhere, you’ll only deprive another of a working key and there’ll be sad faces all round.

If you’re lucky enough to land a code in your inbox, you can redeem it by visiting the European Generals site. Sign in or create a Wargaming ID, select the all-caps ‘PLAY BETA’ button, and then enter your key. After that, you’ll get your client and your cards.

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