April Ghouls: Wargaming release World of Tanks Operation Undead

A zombie and a tank

This is not a joke: Wargaming have just announced the launch of a new game called World of Tanks Operation Undead. It’s a tower defense game you play in your browser, as you array your defenses for a game of Tanks vs. Zombies.

Don’t be fooled by the name: Operation Undead is not a new mode for World of Tanks, but it’s own browser tower defense game using your favorite armored friends from World of Tanks.

The objective of the game is to protect your Stronghold from “waves of vicious enemies.”

“Inspired by the Tower Defense genre, this new angle on tank combat lets players figure out ingenious ways to fend off waves of attackers,” says a press release from Wargaming. “Strategically place tanks across three unique battlegrounds. Defend against seven different types of undead from decrepit biplanes to shambling ground troops. Use a range of tanks effective against the numerous types of zombies and harness powerful special attacks to deal the final blow.”

In keeping with tower defense tradition, you’ll be able to upgrade and unlock new equipment to bolster your defenses. You also have special attacks to help you deal with the hordes of monsters, but you get more points if you refrain from using them.

You can give World of Tanks Operation Undead for yourself at this link. Does Nazi Zombie Army finally have a rival for the throne of the “World War 2 But With Zombies” genre? I guess we’ll see.