Military MMO World of Tanks has come to Steam

World of Tanks has rolled onto Valve's platform today

Wargaming's military MMO World of Tanks has launched on Steam today. Previously available on PC through the developer's own launcher, the war game is now available to grab on Valve's platform, and there's cross-play between the two meaning players across the legacy and Steam versions can now battle on side-by-side.

As is the case with the existing version, World of Tanks is free-to-play on Steam and it includes everything the 'main' game has, but the one catch is that you'll need to set up a new account on Valve's platform if you want to play there, as accounts (and progress made on them) won't carry over to the game's new second home. However, to bring new Steam players up to speed more quickly, the game is getting a limited-time event next month that'll offer boosted XP as rewards.

“From April 30 through May 3, all Steam players will receive a x4 XP multiplier for the first victory each day in each vehicle,” the devs announce in a Steam blog post. “During the initial stage of the game, this bonus will help you quickly research vehicle branches, train crews, increase crew performance, and improve battle results.”

Additionally, the devs highlight, there are special missions available which offer more XP to use in researching tanks, boosting your crew’s performance, and getting better battle results if you can complete these during battles.

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“At Wargaming, our greatest pride is that we created a game that players have loved and enjoyed for over ten years,” says Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi. “We’ve brought people together from around the world, and the strength of our community is unparalleled. I believe World of Tanks has become more than a game, turning into a genuine hobby for millions of our players – and it will remain that way for decades to come. It is always fantastic to see our game growing and embracing new players, and so I am proud to welcome the Steam community to our tanker family!”

To battle: Play World of Tanks for free here

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