World of Tanks 10.0 will make you rampage

World of Tanks 10.0

World of Tanks is gearing up for the leap into version 10.0 late this month, an update that’s set to introduce a new game mode, Rampage, which as the name suggests is probably going to be the source of some slightly more explosive, hyper-aggressive matches.

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What makes Rampage a bit different is that it chucks in respawns and repair spots, so feel free to fight with wild abandon. Best watch out for enemies using the new Artillery and Airstrike abilities, though.

Quite the departure from World of Tanks’ usual tense, one life and you’re out battles, then. There are different victory conditions, too, so you can win by capturing flags, winning garage battles, blowing up a lot of enemies – whatever takes your fancy.

Rampage has two unique maps, Paris and Berlin, reimagining the cities as derelict husks. Apparently Rubicon, that’s the name of the update, will present an alternate history, presumably where feral tanks prowl destroyed, mud-caked streets in search of fleshy, human prey.

On top of Rampage, expect a new PvE tutorial, a new season of Personal Battles that will reward you with a Tier 10 T-22, and tweaked tank customisation.

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