World of Warcraft’s big 9.0.5 patch starts rolling out today

The update lands today in the US, tomorrow in Europe, and the day after in Asia

A few World of Warcraft characters carrying out maintenance

Blizzard is starting the rollout of World of Warcraft‘s big 9.0.5 patch after some tinkering and fine-tuning. The update reintroduces the Valor system to make Mythic+ dungeon gear much more desirable alongside a heap of balance changes. WoW’s 9.0.5 update will be available to download after the weekly reset, which is today on North American servers, March 10 in Europe, and March 11 in Asia.

One of the more eye-catching additions remains Valor points. If you’ve been out of the loop, the way they work is simple enough. If you complete a dungeon, you’ll get some points to upgrade your Mythic Keystone gear. The Great Vault remains the best spot for loot, but the idea behind the change is to give you more reasons to do Mythic Keystone dungeons and Covenant dailies.

Blizzard has, however, made further adjustments to the WoW 9.0.5 patch notes since sharing them last week. You can still earn 5,000 Valor for the first week and 750 each week after. Now, though, you won’t be capped at 1,500 Valor per character. You’ll also find that if you finish a Mythic Keystone dungeon before the reset, then the Great Vault for the next week will constrain a Keystone of that same level. World of Warcraft community manager Randy ‘Kaivax’ Jordan explains that the team made the tweak in response to feedback to the previous patch notes.

Jordan also says that cross-realm Mythic Castle Nathria runs will be available for everyone on the next raid lockout for each region. The Council of Blood is also receiving some tweaks. Veteran Stoneguard has had its health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty, and melee damage reduced by 10% on all difficulties. The Sintouched Blade attack will now cast less frequently on all difficulty tiers, too.

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Theater of Pain is also getting changed up. Necrolord’s Chosen covenant perk now has a duration of six minutes, which is up from five. Xira the Underhanded has also been disabled on Mythic difficulties and removed from the Dungeon Journal.

If you’d like to reach the changes in full, you can find them here. If you’re looking for the best MMORPGs, you can follow that link.