Battle for Azeroth lets you creep around on blood-sucking spiders


Information about World of Warcraft’s upcoming expansion is coming in thick, and fast as fans continue to datamine the Battle for Azeroth alpha.

Earlier this week, we found out you can ride giant bumble bees in Battle for Azeroth, and now it seems you can creep around on giant blood-sucking spiders too. 

For the latest details, here’s everything we know about WoW’s Battle for Azeroth.

Blizzard fan site Icy Veins have datamined a new mount, called the Bloodfeaster. As the name would suggest, these creatures are not the cuddly type, instead armed with massive fangs and spindly legs, joined together by a thin membrane of skin – a bit like a bat.

The Bloodfeaster is a ground mount, but does have a flying animation that will haunt your dreams.

Here’s what the Bloodfeaster mount looks like (there are three colours – purple, red, and green):

Credit: Image via Icy Veins.

And, if you never liked sleep anyway, here’s a preview of the Bloodfeaster’s walking animation.