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WoW Dragonflight dungeon preview shows off MMORPG’s new bosses

A WoW Dragonflight dungeon preview courtesy of Blizzard shows off the MMORPG's newest locations and dives into detail about the horrors that lurk within

WoW Dragonflight dungeon preview shows off MMORPG's new bosses: A bipedal snakelike creature with curved horns and glowing red eyes wears traditional Egyptian-style armour in a temple-like undergrown cavern

The new WoW Dragonflight dungeon preview shows off the Dragon Isles’ different nooks and crannies, as well as introducing us to the MMORPG‘s latest collection of maniacal miscreants.

There will be a total of eight different dungeons scattered throughout the sprawling universe of WoW Dragonflight’s Dragon isles. As expected four are for levelling purposes, while the remaining four are max-level dungeons designed to test your guild’s mettle.

Level-up dungeons include the Ruby Life Pools, Brackenhide Hollow, The Nokhud Offensive, and Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr. The max-level dungeons are Neltharus, The Azure Vault, Halls of Infusion, and Algeth’ar Academy.

A whole host of fearsome foes lie in wait for your Azeroth adventurer, all of whom are listed in Blizzard’s full preview. I, however, have picked out some of the best ones.

As someone who loved the ritualism and mysticism of the Dragon Isles as I ventured through the Azure Span in my WoW Dragonflight alpha preview, the Ruby Life Pools of the Waking Shores automatically caught my attention. A place of worship and healing, the Ruby Life Pools are the ancestral nesting grounds of the five Dragonflights, but they have come under siege from some meddlesome monsters.

First up is Melidrussa Chillworn, who is convinced that the Dragonflight is tainting the Dragon Isles’ next generation of scaly regents. Determined to cleanse the eggs of their corruption, she leads The Primalists into the Pools to fulfil her bizarre purpose. Kokia Blazehoof is at her side, leading the charge to steal the eggs and set leave a trail of death and destruction in her wake. Finally, Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein take the fight to the swarming dragons above, intent on raining fire down upon Pools and razing them to the ground.

Of the max-level dungeons, my pick is the Azure Vault. Not only does it look gorgeous, I’m intrigued as to what lurks in the shadows of these once hallowed halls. Leymor, a plant-like creature, has been left to his own devices, growing and growing to a point where he will likely overtake the Vault. He’s followed by Azureblade, the former guardian of the mysterious cavern who has been driven mad in her isolation, then Telash Greywing, a hunter looking for incriminating evidence against the blue Dragonflight.  Finally, there’s Umbrelskul; an ancient being who meddled in raw power and was left overrun by crystalline growths. Left in the Vaults with no cure, he’s back in black and out for blood.

A full breakdown of each dungeon can be found here. If these spectacular new locations have enticed you to dive into the Dragon Isles, be sure to check out our rundown of the best WoW addons to help you get started.