WoW Dragonflight monk abilities revealed in alpha datamine

The latest alpha build for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been datamined for new abilities, and a crop of talents likely intended for Monks have been found

WoW Monk Dragonflight Abilities

Monks have had a decent run in World of Warcraft since their introduction back in Mists of Pandaria. A unique MMO class that relies heavily on self-buffing, self-healing, and resource management, Monks can comfortably fill a DPS, Tank or Healer slot in any party. Like with all classes, they’re also in for an overhaul come Dragonflight, and the good people over at Wowhead have datamined a load of abilities and talents that are likely intended for the new Monk talent trees.

First up, stuff accessible to all specialisations. Two abilities which are likely Covenant-linked have cropped up, Attenuation, which increases the damage or healing of Bonedust Brew and reduces its cooldown; and Bountiful Brew, which gives your abilities a chance to cast Bonedust Brew. In addition, we have the general class ability Fluidity of Motion, which reduces Blackout Kick’s cooldown and increases its damage.

Brewmasters have the bulk of the abilities we’ve seen thus far. Some item and artefact abilities from Legion return with Anvil & Stave, which reduces brew cooldown when you dodge; and Dragonfire Brew, which causes Breath of Fire to cast three times on activation. From Battle for Azeroth we have the return of some Azerite abilities, with Elusive Footwork, which buffs Blackout Strike; and Staggering Strikes, which reduces Stagger when you Blackout Kick. Some Runecarving and gear abilities from Shadowlands will also make the transition into the new expansion, with Walk with the Ox, which reduces various cooldowns when you gain Shuffle; and Charred Passions, which causes Breath of Fire to buff your Blackout and Spinning Crane Kicks.

Nothing for Windwalkers this time, but Mistweavers have a host of goodies, almost all of which are Shadowlands Runecarving or Conduit powers. Clouded Focus causes Enveloping Mists and Vivify to stack healing buffs; Ancient Teachings of the Monastery causes Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick to heal nearby allies after you cast Essence Font; and Tear of the Morning adds a chance for Renewing Mist to spread to another nearby ally. Speaking of, Renewing Mist is also back, a spell which applies a HoT which spreads to other allies once the initial target is fully healed.

Our thanks to Wowhead, who posted the full datamined information. For more of the latest datamined class abilities, check out our rundown of the WoW Dragonflight Warlock abilities found in the latest alpha build. For more immediate concerns, find out about the WoW Shadowlands Warlock and Hunter nerfs coming soon to live servers.