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WoW Dragonflight Alpha gives early look at new Warlock abilities

World of Warcraft Dragonflight's latest alpha build has been datamined, and it looks like Blizzard are planning a host of new Warlock abilities to WoW

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Whenever a new World of Warcraft expansion is on the way, we receive a regular drip-feeding of updates about the iconic MMORPG from Blizzard – new talents, new classes, new areas, you name it. Thankfully, that’s not our only source of information, as the informational pipe has a spigot called datamining. The good people at WoWhead.com have tapped this resource and found a host of new Warlock abilities and talents in the latest alpha build.

In the general class tree, we have such treats as Inquisitor’s Gaze, which adds a DoT to your target when you fill a Soul Shard, Teachings of the Black Harvest, which buffs your summoned demons by reducing their cooldowns and other effects, and the return of a Legion artifact talent, Sweet Souls, which buffs Healthstones and causes party or raid members to heal you when they use their Healthstone.

In the Affliction tree, we have Pandemic Invocation, which returns from its stint as an Azerite ability in Battle for Azeroth – the ability causes refreshing Corruption, Agony or Siphon Life to deal Shadow damage and grant you a Soul Shard. Tormented Soul is an all-new ability which inflicts a DoT on nearby enemies – the DoT is more powerful depending on how many Tormented Souls you have, which you collect from killed targets.

For Demonology, we have Hold This For Me/Fel Explosion/Fiendish Wrath, which causes your Felguard to chuck his axe at a target location, causing an AoE and DoT on nearby enemies. Your Felguard also deals cleaving damage and attacks faster while unarmed (one wonders why it uses the axe at all). In addition, demon lovers have access to Wrathful Minion, which buffs pet damage when you gain a Soul Shard; Demonic Inspiration, which buffs pet Haste when you gain a Soul Shard; and Borne of Blood, which gives Hand of Gul’dan a chance to generate a Demonic Core.

For more of the latest news coming to Dragonflight, check out our patch notes for the latest alpha build. Alternatively stick to the present, and catch up on the Fated Raids bug in Shadowlands.