World of Warcraft dataminer uncovers new Dragonflight murloc mount

World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight bosses could drop a new, supercharged murloc mount, or it may appear as a subscription reward alongside Wen Lo

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A new murloc mount has been spotted in World of Warcraft, and it may possibly be awarded for defeating a boss in the new Dragonflight add-on.

When talking about World of Warcraft for some reason it always comes back to murlocs. Possibly the most revered and reviled creature in the MMO world, murlocs are something of a WoW mascot. There are tons of in-game murloc themed items: Murky, Grommloc, Gurgl, Grunty, Lurky, Murgle, Murkalot, Murkidan – I could go on but I’m experiencing acid reflux.

The new Dragonflight expansion brings our latest murloc pet, Murkastrasza, but according to reputable dataminer Martin Benjamins, at one point she may not have been the only murloc treat among the pre-order bonuses.

Benjamins found that the store texture for Murkastrasza features another model, a beefy murloc-like creature bearing a palanquin that looks perfectly sized for a heroic adventurer’s buttocks. Clearly this mount was cut from the pre-order release, if indeed it was ever destined for it. As Benjamins speculates, it and Murkastrasza could have been intended as a BlizzConOnline reward, but were split and repurposed once that event was canceled.

Blizzard likes to use every part of the buffalo, so to speak, so it’s very likely we’ll see this Hulk murloc pop up somewhere else soon, but where? It could be joining Wen Lo and the Sapphire Skyblazer as the latest six-month subscription reward mount, or maybe it’ll be a rare-drop from a new Dragonflight boss, or a faction reward.

A mount that can be earned in-game would certainly please many veteran players, who recall a time when mounts were only purchasable for in-game currency and time expenditure, when having a complete collection didn’t cost hundreds of pounds. Fans of these simpler times may want to check out our article on the changes planned for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King Classic. As for more info on the upcoming Dragonflight expansion, watch this space.