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WoW Dragonflight release date is taking flight soon

The Dragonflight release date is finally set for November, Blizzard announced, and there's a shiny new trailer for the MMO expansion as well

WoW Dragonflight release date is taking flight soon: A blue dragon is flying through the air near some

Blizzard at last announced the World of Warcraft Dragonflight release date in a new blog post, alongside a Dragonflight trailer. The longrunning MMO game’s new expansion will release November 28 and takes players to the home of the dragons – hence the name – where a slew of mysteries and magical intrigues await you.


The Dragon Isles are home to four distinct zones: the Waking Shores, an area brimming with elemental power; the wide open Ohn’ahran Plains; the frigid mountains of the Azure Span; and the majestic spires and temples of Thaldraszus. Blizzard said each area is themed around a different aspect of the dragons and will reveal more mysteries about the legendary creatures as you delve deeper into their secrets.

Along with class tweaks and improvements, Dragonflight is adding a brand-new race and class combination: the Dracthyr Evoker. This unique class call the Forbidden Reach their home and specialize both in ranged attacks and ally support.

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That’s not the only dragon-themed change coming in Dragonflight. There’s a new dragon mount you can customize as you progress through the expansion, and you can even improve its capabilities, letting it fly higher and farther.

This is all in addition to the usual things you expect from a new World of Warcraft expansion, such as new dungeons, new raids, and plenty of tweaks to the talent and combat systems. And if you want to level a new character fast, Dragonflight is bringing back the Winds of Wisdom buff, giving you 50 percent more experience than usual.

If you’re after a taste of what WoW Dragonflight has to offer ahead of time, check out our WoW Dragonflight preview. These World of Warcraft add-ons should help make the classic MMO a bit fresher and more interesting in the meantime as well.