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World of Warcraft to add Follower Dungeons in Seeds of Renewal patch

World of Warcraft is getting a little glow-up soon with Follower Dungeons, which allow players to skip the queue wait and party with NPCs.

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Follower Dungeons are finally coming to World of Warcraft, allowing players who like to go at their own pace or skip waiting for others to party up with NPCs for dungeons. Developer Activision Blizzard has recently shared details about this feature and confirmed it would be coming in the Seeds of Renewal patch on Tuesday, January 16.

So far, Follower Dungeons will only apply to normal mode Dragonflight instances where a group is usually required when Seeds of Renewal goes live in World of Warcraft. A short clip published on Twitter through the MMORPG game’s official account gave a glimpse of how this will work, including NPC roles and ways players can control the pace through dungeons.

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The video also revealed that players can queue up solo or with up to three other players and have the NPCs fill out blank spots. Moreover, party NPCs will be characters from the starting experience at Exile’s Reach, and depending on reception to this feature, we may just see other familiar characters join the roster. Funnily enough, NPCs could even mimic players, giving hints on defeating bosses and congratulating teammates through battle victories.

In response to Follower Dungeons, fan reception has been largely positive, and some are optimistic that other instance-based content will get the same treatment someday.

“It’s neat,” said one Redditor learning about the NPC party feature. “Works in FFXIV, will work here so you can take your time. Overall, it feels like a low-impact, nice addition.”

Another Reddit user hopes the feature “turns into Warband Dungeons someday” and said it would be “nice to have your other characters tank and heal with you.”

For the most part, Follower Dungeons are viewed as a healthy addition, and players are curious how the feature will evolve to accommodate other parts of World of Warcraft later on.

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