WoW’s Mage Tower is returning for good

World of Warcraft's Mage Tower has only been available to play here and there since the Legion expansion in 2016, but that's about to change on March 29

One of the boss encounters from WoW's Mage Tower

Blizzard Entertainment is bringing back World of Warcraft’s Mage Tower, but this time permanently. You’ll be able to access the solo-focused content whenever you fancy once it returns to the Broken Shore on March 29.

The Mage Tower initially came to WoW during the Legion expansion in 2016. It’s remained popular with fans since, with Blizzard bringing it back in a limited capacity during a Shadowlands patch last year as a result. The problem with the Legion Timewalking event, though, is that the Mage Tower would only be available when it came into rotation every now and then.

“When we originally developed the Legion Timewalking bonus event, we were looking for other fun features from Legion we could add to it,” the WoW devs explain. “Timeworn Keystones were part of that, and the Mage Tower as well. Having heard feedback and seen how it has played out, we agree that a personal skill challenge being available only for a short window of time every few months isn’t in the spirit of these types of events. As such, starting on the week of March 29, the Mage Tower will be accessible at any time, no longer tied to the Legion Timewalking bonus event.”

If you’ve been out of the loop, the Mage Tower challenges players to beat solo encounters that Blizzard has designed with your chosen class in mind. If you triumph over one of the seven challenges with any class, you’ll get a Legion-themed transmogrification set to show for it. You’ll also earn the “Towering Success” achievement, as a treat. Guardian Druids, meanwhile, are getting the Druid Fel Werebear Form as an additional reward.

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The return of the Mage Tower should keep you busy until Blizzard reveals the next WoW expansion next month. For more of the best MMORPGs on PC, you can follow that link.