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See the Warcraft movie's take on Orgrim Doomhammer; CGI orcs aren't "just creatures"

Warcraft movie

He’s the orc who put the Orgrim in Orgrimmar, Orgrim’s Hammer and “Is it just me Or are things really Grim in Draenor?”. Now Doomhammer is set to play a key role in Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie - wearing the face of actor Robert Kazinsky and the pixels of Industrial Light and Magic.

ILM merged concept art provided by Blizzard with photos and scans of Kazinsky, who’s been a regular in True Blood and doesn’t ordinarily sport those tusks. If you ask me, they’ve done a remarkable job of retaining WoW’s chunky art style without slathering the actor’s face in layers of CGI.

Warcraft movie

“We were looking for someone who would be able to perform the gruffness, the humor, and the toughness of this character,” director Duncan Jones told Wired.

Warcraft will make extensive use of performance capture, just as ILM did for The Avengers’ Hulk and Ultron.

“We’ve gone beyond the point where these are just creatures in movies,” said Jones. “We now have the technology and the ability to make new characters entirely.”

Orgrim’s quite a character - warchief of the Orcish Horde for the whole of the Second War, he appeared as a member of the Blackrock clan in Warlords of Draenor. In the Warcraft movie, he’ll stand alongside Durotan.

At Blizzcon 2014, we heard that the film would see Orgrim progress from brother to leader in his own right - laying the foundations for dramatic human-orc events in WoW lore (and perfect sequel fodder).

Warcraft’s due out on June 10, 2016. Will you be up late to see it?

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Dog Pants avatarAever avatarTim Edwards avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
2 Years ago

Aren't all of us merely creatures though?


I'm looking forward to the movie. I'm not a lore geek particularly, but I've wallowed in the setting for a lot of years, read some of the books, and looked up characters I've noticed from the games. I like the world's take on good vs evil, or rather the many shades of grey on each side, the subversion of the high fantasy racial tropes.

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

And it won't look anything like that in the actual movie. I think we all know how good Blizzard's CGI trailers/teasers are, and how irrelevant to the actual product.

Nope, I won't lose any sleep because of this. There was a time when I loved WoW lore (back in W3), but then WoW came along and butchered everything with the MMO bulldozer.

Tim Edwards Avatar
2 Years ago

It's worth pointing out that ILM are doing the effects work for Warcraft, not Blizzard. I saw the trailer at Blizzcon this year, and it didn't look quite as good as that orc (they were still working on the effects), but it was mesmerising.