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WoW: Shadowlands squishes your level back down to 50

Levels might finally mean something again

While WoW Classic has once again given players the experience of powering up to level 60, proper World of Warcraft has been bloated with a whole lot of increasingly superfluous levels for years now. That changes in Shadowlands, which will implement a big ol’ level squish in an effort to make progress more meaningful.

Your existing level 120 characters will get smashed downed to level 50 in Shadowlands, and the new expansion content will give you a fresh path toward the new level cap of 60. The idea now is to make every level meaningful, so you’re getting fresh stuff every time you make that next little bit of progress.

There will be a “whole new level one to ten experience” which will “showcase more of the best World of Warcraft has to offer.” You’ll then be able to level from ten to 50 by completing an expansion’s content – whether you pick Battle for Azeroth or anything else, a single expansion will get you up to level fifty.

You can get a full breakdown of all the new features on the official site.

Or you can see that hot new features trailer above.

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