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World of Warcraft VR mod turns the MMO into an FPS

Explore Azeroth in first-person, complete with motion controls and other virtual reality niceties but you'll need to do it privately.

Arthas, World of Warcraft Lich King, wearing a Meta Quest 3 headset

Whether you’re walking the serene streets of Silvermoon City or lazing away with a pint of ale in the Lion’s Pride Inn, there’s no denying that Azeroth remains as immersive as ever despite the now-aged appearance of World of Warcraft. Still, it’s one thing to experience Blizzard’s MMORPG from the distance of a third-person camera, but nothing can prepare you for how different it looks through the lens of a VR headset.

We’re yet to see an MMORPG grace our best VR games list, but a version of World of Warcraft compatible with virtual reality headsets would certainly be a fine way to start. Now, following a staggeringly long ten-year development cycle, modders Streetrat & Marulu of Flat2VR have realized such a vision.

Announced via Flat2VR on X, the mod is ripe with features that should please any VR aficionado, complete with head-tracked positional audio, analog movement, and more which are detailed on the Github download page. Most transformative of all, though, is the first-person perspective, which sees Azeroth and its inhabitants, friendly and deadly alike, come to life at an entirely different scale and the game itself becomes like an FPS.

Fantastic as this mod is, it does sadly come with a few unfortunate caveats you’ll need to abide by in order to use it. The most important being that it’s only compatible with patch 3.3.5a, the final update made to Wrath of the Lich King. Naturally, this makes it unusable with Classic or modern WoW. Still, for those who fancy a private VR adventure in Azeroth, there’s no alternative.

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