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WoW WotLK Classic fan has made a Frostmourne lightsaber (seriously)

A WoW WotLK Classic fan stunned players everywhere by 3D printing a Frostmourne lightsaber, in turn creating the best Warcraft X Star Wars crossover ever

WoW WotLK Classic fan has created a Frostmourne lightsaber (seriously): A knight in black, twisted armour with a huge glowing blue sword on a space background

WoW Wrath Classic has revived fans’ love not just of the powerful Lich King, but his infamous weapon, Fostmourne. Fostmourne is well known for being the Lich King’s two-handed longsword that imprisons the souls of its victims and turns the living into the controlled undead in the MMORPG.

One fan took his love for Frostmourne to the next level by creating a lightsaber from Star Wars that has the handle of the epic Frostmourne.

The piece was created by TethanProps, who shared the finished product to WoW’s subreddit page where it blew players’ minds, going viral instantly. Frostmourne’s handle was created by 3D printing each part of the blade and then hand painting them with extreme care to make sure the blade resembles the one that appears in-game.

The original base handle before the Frostmourne bits were added is an acrylic lightsaber blade, which allowed Tethan to slide the blade into the sword once the Frostmourne handle part was done. The button that lights up laser is just above the horns.

In the comments, WoW Wrath Classic fans gushed over the idea of a Death Knight and Jedi crossover. One said, “Imagine Arthas as a Sith that can resurrect any fallen enemy he’s slain. Would Jedi still be able to use the Force when undead? Imagine his Death Knights as Force adepts that could tear people apart without even touching them.”

Another player jokes, “So I guess that makes Arthas a Jedi? I’m not one to tell the Jedi Council how to do their job but I’m not sure commanding the Scourge of Undeath sends a great message to the galaxy at large.”

This crossover of WoW and Star Wars wasn’t one many fans of both properties were expecting; however, it works with incredible style.

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