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The WoW A Curious Orb quest in Secrets of Azeroth is bugged

If you've been trying to complete the new Secrets of Azeroth event in WoW, you'll have noticed that the A Curious Orb quest is bugged - and you're not alone.

Here's how to complete the WoW A Curious Orb quest in Secrets of Azeroth: A bipedal dragon character summoning orange energy looks off into the distance holding a scroll

If you’re playing through the new World of Warcraft Secrets of Azeroth event, you’ll have noticed that the WoW A Curious Orb quest seems to be bugged, meaning you don’t need to do some elements of ‘A Complete Inventory’; You’re not alone, however, as fans are flocking to the MMORPG‘s dedicated forums looking for a fix.

Secrets of Azeroth is an investigation-style event that requires you to find a plethora of items over multiple days. Available from Thursday, August 31 until Wednesday, September 13, it looks like one of the event’s penultimate quests is bugged, and it’s causing absolute chaos.

Entitled ‘A Curious Orb,’ players have noticed that the quest appears to have been skipped over. This, in turn, is starting to cause problems with the event’s final quest, ‘Under Suspicion.’ When you accept the ‘A Complete Inventory,’ it is marked as completed immediately, meaning you’re expected to just turn it in – and that’s exactly what you need to do. Otherwise, the quest will bug and cannot be completed.

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If you choose to abandon the quest, the item you receive, Compiled Report, interacts with your character, meaning that you can’t retake the quest.

“I abandoned this quest and the item, Compiled Report, would not let me take the quest again as it stated I didn’t meet the requirements,” writes one fan on the official WoW forums. “Deleting the Compiled Report also does not allow me to get the quest again, and neither does actually solving the clues, so I’m completely unable to complete it now.”

This has been met with hundreds of players saying that they’ve had the same issue – so you’re best just turning it in and calling it a day. All you’re missing out on is a search quest, but if you do want to hold off until a fix comes through the locations are in the video above.

A comment on the World of Warcraft forums discussing the A Curious Orb quest for the Secrets of Azeroth event being bugged

Hopefully, a patch comes through for this soon, as it does somewhat ruin the questline a little – what’s a murder mystery quest if you don’t actually need to investigate, am I right? In the meantime, though, it’s worth checking out our list of the best WoW addons, and our WoW Dragonflight tier list of wandering around Valdrakken has you desperate to try out a Dracthyr.