This World of Warcraft music video aims to prove it’s still a beautiful game

WoW music video

World of Warcraft is now entering its mid-teens – it’s noticing how big other MMOs have gotten and there are orcs in places there weren’t orcs before. Despite an aging engine, and parts of the world being a decade old despite the various updates, YouTuber aJRedi is determined to prove it’s still a beaut with the above music video, Azeroth.

For the incoming update, check our round up of WoW patch 7.3.

aJRedi says that the point of the video is to highlight the “hard work [and] detail put into the art-style and areas we tend to just speed through to get to max level.” It’s a whirlwind tour of older areas as well as new raids, all of it beautifully synched up.

Clearly, some amount of layering went in, rather than running the character through all those actual areas, but it still creates a nice effect. Both the jump and the raids look real to me too, so quite a lot of effort has been spent even outside of the actual video editing time.

As pointed out by Icy-Veins, Redi spent two months putting it together. As they put it, “yes, it was the biggest pain in the arse when you realize you missed a clip and it was right in the middle of the video.” Worth the effort, I think.