World of Warcraft patch 7.3: Argus

WoW patch 7.3

The next World of Warcraft patch is version 7.3 and possibly the last major update of the Legion expansion. It's got the whole planet of Argus to explore, hung ominously in the sky above Azeroth after the events of the Tomb of Sargeras, with a new raid, dungeon, and loads (LOADS) more. Here's all the info from Blizzard's patch notes as well as the PTR itself.

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Here's the basics of what's inside:

Let's start with what's important.

WoW Patch 7.3 release date

Patch 7.3 has hit PTR now, and is playable via the drop down menu you normally select WoW region from in It requires an account, but not an active one, if you've lapsed.

PTR sessions are extremely long these days, so don't expect 7.3 for at least a couple of months. WoW will likely get some announcements at Gamescom, 7.3's various features among them, and Tomb of Sargeras is still fresh as a raid. Expect weekly updates.

Here's what Blizzard have posted about the patch so far:

  • June 28 - Initial PTR
  • July 6 - More Argus content, Tier 21 set bonuses
  • July 12 - New Troops and Missions, Invasion Points and more.

WoW Patch 7.3 balance changes

So far, two large sets of changes have been confirmed as on the way. These are for Feral Druids and Frost Death Knights, with those links going to posts from Blizzard on each. 7.3, as is the plan for major patches, isn't supposed to include a huge balance patch, but expect a few bits here and there. We'll detail them below when we have confirmation.

WoW Patch 7.3 raid: Antorus, the Burning Throne

WoW patch 7.3 raid

We very much doubt that similar naming convention to Azeroth's icey seat is accidental. This is, as far as we know, the final raid of Legion and the last bastion of the big bads. It's in Argus' Stygian Wake region (more on that down below). Here's the boss list:

  • Garothi Worldbreaker
  • Hounds of Sargeras
  • War Council
  • Portal Keeper Hasabel
  • Eonar, the Lifebinder
    • According to the dungeon journal, we'll be protecting rather than directly fighting Eonar.
  • Imonar the Soulhunter
  • Kin'garoth
  • Varimathras
  • The Coven of Shivarra
  • Aggramar
  • Argus the Unmaker

You can tell it's a big, important raid because a lot of the bosses have servers named after them. What's been datamined so far from the dungeon journal is available on Wowhead.

That's the order it appears in the dungeon journal, so expect Argus to be the final boss. Why is there a boss (who looks like a Titan according to datamined models) with the same name as the planet, with a blank dungeon journal? Grab nine friends and find out.

For a better look at the raid, and much of what is seen below, have a check of this Imgur album from Redditor Teir2plus3.

Patch 7.3 Tier 21 Armour Sets

New raid, new armour. Here's MMOC's post of what they look like, and you can see the datamined stats below. Just a reminder: these change the most out of almost anything in a patch. Don't expect these to stay the same for long, and where things are non-specific or blank, it means those numbers or effects have not yet been implemented.

 Death Knight:

  • Blood:
    • 2P: Enemies standing in your Death and Decay deal less damage to you.
    • 4P: While Vampiric Blood is active, your runes regenerate faster.
  • Frost:
    • 2P: Obliterate and Howling Blast deal additional damage.
    • 4P: When you deal Frost damage, you have a chance to release a barrage of icy spikes at your target.
  • Unholy:
    • 2P: Death Coil causes the target to take an additional portion of the direct damage dealt over time.
    • 4P: Death Coil has a chance to deal damage a second time.

Demon Hunter icon Demon Hunter:

  • Havoc:
    • 2P: Eye Beam damage increased by 30%
    • 4P: When Eye Beam finishes fully channeling, your Haste is increased by 15% for 8 sec.
  • Vengeance:
    • 2P: While Demon Spikes is active, your parry chance is increased by an additional 5%
    • 4P: When you parry an attack, the cooldown of Metamorphosis is reduced by 5 sec. This can only occur once per second.

Druid icon Druid:

  • Balance:
    • 2P: Increase the damage of Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike.
    • 4P: When you cast Starsurge, the damage of your Moonfire and Sunfire spells is increased for a limited time..
  • Feral:
    • 2P: Shred has a chance to extend the duration of Rip on the target.
    • 4P: When Rip deals damage, you have a chance to cause your next Ferocious Bite to be free and count as if you spent the maximum amount of Energy.
  • Guardian:
    • 2P:  When Gore activates, the cooldown of Barkskin is reduced.
    • 4P: Mangle has a chance to make your next Maul cost less Rage and heal you for some of the damage dealt.
  • Restoration:
    • 2P: Unimplemented.
    • 4P: Unimplemented.

Hunter icon Hunter:

  • Beast Mastery:
    • 2P: Kill Command damage increased by 10%
    • 4P: When Wild Call resets the cooldown of Dire Beast, the cooldown of Kill Command is reduced by 1 sec.
  • Marksmanship:
    • 2P: Marked Shot has a 15% chance to fire at the target an additional time.
    • 4P: When Marked Shot deals damage, the damage of your next Arcane Shot (or Sidewinder) is increased by 20% or Multi-Shot damage by 20% and your next Arcane Shot (or Sidewinder) will generate an additional 5 Focus (7 with Sidewinders) or your next Multi-shot will generate an additional 1 Focus.
  • Survival:
    • 2P: Flanking Strike has a 10% chance to increase the critical strike chance of your next Raptor Strike by 100%.
    • 4P: Each cast of Mongoose Bite increases the damage of your next Raptor Strike by 10%. Stacks up to 6 times.

Mage icon Mage:

  • Arcane:
    • 2P: Each Arcane Charge you spend increases your damage dealt for a limited time.
    • 4P: When you generate an Arcane Charge, you have a chance to increase your haste for a limited time.
  • Fire:
    • 2P: Increases the duration of Combustion.
    • 4P: Combustion also increases your critical strike damage for its duration.
  • Frost:
    • 2P: Each successive ice bolt of a Flurry deals more damage.
    • 4P: When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt is increased.

Monk icon Monk:

  • Brewmaster:
    • 2P: Breath of Fire has a chance to generate an additional stack of Elusive Brawler for each target hit.
    • 4P: When you dodge an attack, you have a chance to reset the cooldown of Breath of Fire.
  • Mistweaver:
    • 2P: Vivify has a chance to heal an additional target when cast.
    • 4P: Unimplemented.
  • Windwalker:
    • 2P: When you gain the Blackout Kick! effect, the damage of your next Blackout Kick is increased.
    • 4P: When you consume Blackout Kick!, you have a chance to generate some Chi.

Paladin icon Paladin:

  • Holy:
    • 2P: Flash of Light and Holy Light transfer additional healing to your Beacon of Light target.
    • 4P: When a target with your Beacon of Light on them falls below a health threshold, the cooldown of Blessing of Sacrifice is reduced. This can only occur once every few seconds.
  • Protection:
    • 2P: You heal for some amount of damage that Judgement deals.
    • 4P: Each blocked attack increases the damage of your next Judgement, stacking a limited number of times. This can only happen once every few seconds.
  • Retribution:
    • 2P: When you spend Holy Power, you gain Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, or Versatility for some seconds.
    • 4P: When Blade of Justice deals damage, you have a chance to increase the values of the two-piece bonus for some seconds.

Priest icon Priest:

  • Discipline:
    • 2P: Reduces the recharge time of Power Word: Radiance.
    • 4P: When you cast Power Word: Radiance, the damage of your next Smite or Penance is increased.
  • Holy:
    • 2P: Prayer of Healing increases the healing you do to targets healed for a limited time.
    • 4P: Unimplemented.
  • Shadow:
    • 2P: Mind Flay and Mind Blast critical strike damage increased.
    • 4P: Each stack of Void Form increases your critical strike chance.

Rogue icon Rogue:

  • Assassination:
    • 2P: When you envenom a target, your Deadly and Wound poisons have an increased chance to critically strike the target.
    • 4P: When your Deadly or Wound poisons critically strike the target, you have a chance to gain Energy.
  • Outlaw:
    • 2P: Extra attacks from Saber Slash increase the damage of your next Run Through by 5%, stacking up to 4 times.
    • 4P: Run Through has a chance to grant you a random effect from Roll the Bones that you don't already have active.
  • Subtlety:
    • 2P: Each Combo Point spent increases the damage of your next Backstab.
    • 4P: Nightblade and Eviscerate have a chance to refund some Combo Points when used.

Shaman icon Shaman:

  • Elemental:
    • 2P: Each cast of Lava Burst increases the damage of your next Earth Shock by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times.
    • 4P: Earth Shock has a 30% chance to cause an Elemental Overload.
  • Enhancement:
    • 2P: Rockbiter causes the target to take 10% increased Fire and Nature damage from your attacks for 4 seconds.
    • 4P: Casting Stormstrike has a 15% chance to add a charge of Rockbiter.
  • Restoration:
    • 2P: When you cast Healing Rain, up to 6 allies within its area are immediately healed.
    • 4P: Healing Wave and Healing Surge casts have a 30% chance to heal a player standing in your Healing Rain for 100% of the amount.

Warlock icon Warlock:

  • Affliction:
    • 2P: When Drain Soul deals damage, there is a chance to increase the duration of Unstable Affliction on the target.
    • 4P: When Corruption deals damage, you have a chance to increase the speed at which Drain Soul deals damage for the next few seconds.
  • Demonology:
    • 2P: Each Soul Shard spent on Hand of Gul'dan increases the damage of your next Call Dreadstalkers.
    • 4P: When you cast Demonic Empowerment, your Dreadstalkers will immediately use Dreadbite again at lower damage. This can only occur once per cast of Call Dreadstalkers.
  • Destruction:
    • 2P: Chaos Bolt has a chance to increase the critical strike chance of Incinerate on the target for a few seconds.
    • 4P: Chaos Bolt will deal an additional amount of its direct damage caused to the target over a few seconds.

Warrior icon Warrior:

  • Arms:
    • 2P: Colossus Smash also increases your critical strike damage against the target for its duration.
    • 4P: Mortal Strike increases the damage and critical strike chance of your next Whirlwind or Slam, stacking limited times.
  • Fury:
    • 2P: Rampage causes the target to bleed for an additional percentage of the direct damage dealt to the target over a few seconds.
    • 4P: When you activate Battle Cry, the damage of your next Rampage is increased.
  • Protection:
    • 2P: When Demoralizing Shout ends, the duration of your next Shield Block is increased.
    • 4P: Blocking an attack increases the value of an existing Ignore Pain effect. This can only occur once every few seconds.

WoW Patch 7.3 dungeon: Seat of the Triumvirate

WoW patch 7.3 dungeon

Much like 7.2, 7.3 will bring with it a new five-person dungeon. Expect Mythic+ versions to be just as dastardly hard as the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Here's the boss list again, with details to follow once it's enters testing:

  • Zuraal the Ascended
  • Saprish
  • Viceroy Nezhar
  • L'ura

Again, Wowhead have the dungeon journal entries.

WoW Patch 7.3 Argus zones

WoW patch 7.3 zones

There are three new zones on Argus. These are no-fly areas, which you will need to use the new Vindicaar to move about in - a giant ship that grants various combat abilities too, like calling down a beam of holy light dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the area. 

A brief descriptor of each of the new zones:

  • Argus, the main surface of the planet.
  • Mac'Aree, which looks to be a more civilised area with the ruins of the old Draenei civilisation.
  • Stygian Wake, where all the Legion ships are docked. Not a nice place.

There's going to be a load of quests (story and world flavours, natch) and a new faction to be mates with that are the inhabitants of Argus. Given Argus is basically hell, they're not too well. Batches of screenshots are available over on Wowhead. Interesting tidbit: spirit healers on Argus are actually Prime Naaru.

Here's a video from IcyVeins showing some early exporation of each zone:

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They also have a larger playthrough of the first quests on PTR. Wowhead have a breakdown of the second zone, Mac'Aree. There are expected to be new cinematics along with a large number of quests, but what's there so far is placeholder. They will be datamined on launch day or before.

There will be a lot of new story and NPCs on Argus, naturally. Already revealed through datamining is that Alleria and Turalyon – two characters absent from the lore for a long time – will show up, as was expected. Also present is a Draenei named Yrelka, baring a lot of similarities to fan-favourite Warlords of Draenor character Yrel who Blizzard previously said they weren't planning on including in Legion. There's a number of theories about whether it's an alternate universe version of the character or simply a placeholder. Expect more on that as the PTR develops.

The new Army of Light faction also hangs out here and will have reputation rewards to unlock. Nothing on those yet beyond them having a tabard and cloak, and datamined transmog items. You can see them in this video from Icy-Veins:

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With new zones come new world bosses. Here's the list:

  • Inquisitor Percontatum
  • Mistress Alluradel
  • Ovetigo
  • Sotanathor
  • Matron Folnuna
  • Keeper Aedis
  • Void-Blade Zedaat
  • Pit Lord Vilemus

And (you guessed it) Wowhead have the transcribed dungeon journal. You can also check this video from Icy-Veins with all the new models. This includes various non-raid/dungeon/world boss NPCs, so it's a good overview of the major players in this patch. Note: extreme spoilers, perhaps obviously.

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Patch 7.3 Invasion Points

As revealed in an interview with game director Ion Hazzikostas, Invasion Points are new events that will be accessible from Argus. They'll teleport you to other worlds the Legion is invading where you can clear them out and help the locals. This will work through a system of riftstones, which have been datamined as letting you access "lesser" and "greater" rifts – exactly what the difference is we don't yet know.

Interestingly, this also has some fairly heavy lore implications when it comes to future expansions. Blizzard have effectively given us access to a vast amount of the cosmos now, where any expansion could theoretically be set. It's even possible that this system could be the basis of an expansion itself, with crisis points throughout the cosmos forming different zones. Quite exciting.

WoW Patch 7.3 Netherlight Crucible

We're yet to find much out about the Netherlight Crucible, a new feature promised to continue the artifact progression track via relic customisation. What we do know is that there's 10 more Artifact Knowledge levels, which will now be automatically granted once a week after the patch launches. All characters will be automatically moved to AK 41 on day one too. Here's the new ranks and their AP modifiers:

  • 41 - 5,200,000%
  • 42 - 6,760,000%
  • 43 - 8,790,000%
  • 44 - 11,430,000%
  • 45 - 14,860,000%
  • 46 - 19,320,000%
  • 47 - 25,120,000%
  • 48 - 32,660,000%
  • 49 - 42,460,000%
  • 50 - 55,200,000%

WoW Patch 7.3 legendaries

While we're talking artifacts, relics and other Legion-specific power upgrades, let's think legendaries. Here's a list of all the datamined new ones so far, which is fairly short for now:

  • All classes
    • Insignia of the Grand Army - Stamina / Crit / Haste / Mastery Ring, with socket - Increase the effects of Light and Shadow powers granted by the Netherlight Crucible by 50%.

WoW Patch 7.3 new spell animations

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One of the major cosmetic changes coming in this patch is a huge overhaul of caster animations for a number of classes. Druids, Mages, and Priests are all getting touched up after melee classes got much more exciting with the initial launch of Legion. Here are views for Holy and Shadow Priests too.

WoW Patch 7.3 professions

WoW patch 7.3 professions

Huge changes across the board here, from alchemy to tailoring and back again. There's also a new form of Primal Obliterum to upgrade your bits even further, created by combining Obliterum with Primal Sargerite, a new resource on Argus. Primal Sargerite is also used to craft all the new armours. All just datamining so far, but here's what we know each is getting:

Patch 7.3 Alchemy

  • Astral Alchemist Stone - new!
    • A new trinket which is made out of the Infernal Alchemist Stone and is a strictly better version. Stats:
    • +1,036 Versatility
    • Equip: When you heal or deal damage you have a chance to increase your Strength, Agility, or Intellect by 5477 for 15 sec.  Your highest stat is always chosen.
    • Equip: Increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%.  This effect does not stack.
  • Lightblood Elixer - new!
    • Use: Increases damage by 100000 against demons. Only usable outdoors on Argus and the Broken Isles. Lasts 30 min. (3 Sec Cooldown)
  • Tears of the Naaru - new!
    • Use: Shows the location of all nearby demons on the minimap for 30 min. (3 Sec Cooldown)
  • Can now transmute Blood of Sargeras into Primal Sargerite

Patch 7.3 Blacksmithing

  • Felslate Anchornew!
    • Use: Attach an anchor to your legs which sends you plummeting towards the ocean floor. Only usable in water. (30 Sec Cooldown)
  • New Empyrial Smithing is used as a catch-up mechanic for skill levels, and there's a new Breastplate item to make (no specifc stats yet).

Patch 7.3 Engineering

  • Gravitational Reduction Slippersnew!
    • Use: Affix the Gravitational Reduction Slippers to your current footwear allowing you to jump higher and fall farther.
  • A new wormhole generator to Argus, dropping you in a random location on the planet.

Patch 7.3 Leatherworking

  • Fiendish Shoulderguards and Spaulders new!
    • Shoulderguards are leather, spaulders are mail.
  • Also have a new quest item they can craft, likely related to crafting the above.

Patch 7.3 Herbalism

  • Can pick new herb Astral Glory. Improvements to harvesting it provide a HOT or rare materials, but you start out unable to pick it properly, much like the herbs in Suramar.

Patch 7.3 Inscription

  • Can mill the new herb in multiples. Possibly more to be added here.

Patch 7.3 Jewelcrafting

  • Four new gems which provide 250 primary stat plus one secondary stat:
    • Deadly Deep Chemirine - crit.
    • Masterful Argulite - mastery.
    • Quick Lightsphene - haste.
    • Versatile Labradorite - versatility.
  • And four new headpieces:
    • Empyrial Crown of the Cosmos - cloth.
    • Empyrial Crown of the Depths - leather.
    • Empyrial Crown of the Elements - mail.
    • Empyrial Crown of the Titans - plate.

Patch 7.3 Mining

  • Can mine the new ore, Empyrium.

Patch 7.3 Skinning

  • Can gather the new skin, Findish Leather.

Patch 7.3 Tailoring

  • Lightweave Breechesnew!
    • Cloth legs.

Patch 7.3 Cooking

  • Feast of the Fishesnew!
    • Well fed buff provides "all the powers of a fish."
  • A new system of Recipe Scraps will also allow you to guarantee recipe discoveries.

Patch 7.3 Fishing

  • A Fishing Artifact Appearence called Underlight Emerald will be rewarded from maxing out reputation with all the Broken Isles fisherman factions.
  • Two new toys have also been added, from gaining friendly reputations with various fishermen:
    • Corbyn's Beacon: Use on another player to search their pockets for shiny baubles. (20 Min Cooldown)
    • Trawler Totem: Summon a Trawler Totem, granting 10 Fishing skill to all nearby players for 2 min. (5 Min Cooldown)

WoW Patch 7.3 mounts

Some of these are more than a little spooky, especially the Ur'zul fellow. Here's the mount page of each:


Obviously, a bunch of these are placeholder. One is so placeholder that it has an untextured model, and another crashes the game if you try to take a screenshot of it. That's the Lightforged Golem, which you can see a video of below:

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Wowhead also have videos for several other mounts, including one showing the Vile Fiend is rather larger than you may have thought.

Expect at least one raid mount, one from achievements, and one from particularly rare drops. It is also currently assumed, based on the drop location, that Lucid Nightmare will be another Riddler's Mind Worm / Long-Forgotten Hippogryph style secret-search.

WoW Patch 7.3 followers

A batch of new follower items are being added in patch 7.3, including a load of legendaries. Here's the list:

  • Legendaries:
    • Darklost Claw: Increases mission success chance by 45%. Increases success chance of missions with Hazards by 60%.
    • Fel-Infused Effigy: Increases mission success chance by 45%. Increases success chance of missions with Spells by 60%.
    • Wrathguard Skull: Increases success chance on missions longer than 16 hours by 60%. Increases success chance of missions with Hazards by 60%.
    • Stygian Scroll: Increases success chance on missions longer than 16 hours by 60%. Increases success chance of missions with Minions by 60%.
    • Censorite Staff: Increases success chance by 60% on missions shorter than 16 hours. Increases success chance of missions with Spells by 60%.
    • Azurelight Candelabra: Increases success chance by 60% on missions shorter than 16 hours. Increases success chance of missions with Minions by 60%.
    • Praetorium Tome: Increases mission success chance by 45%. Reduces mission duration by 25%.
  • Other:
    • Writ of Holy Orders: Reduces mission duration by 25%.
    • Momento of Light: Increases mission success chance by 45%.
    • Lightburst Charge: Increases success chance of missions with Minions by 60%.
    • Exalted Hammer: Increases success chance on missions longer than 16 hours by 60%.
    • A set of catch-up items:
      • Krokul Armor Set: Set a Champion's item level to 900.
      • Mac'Aree Armor Set: Set a Champion's item level to 925.
      • Xenedar Armor Set: Set a Champion's item level to 950.

WoW Patch 7.3 Battle Pets

As with almost every new patch, the Battle Pet system is getting some love in 7.3. Here's what's been found so far:

  • New Trainer: Environeer Bert
    • Found in Gnomeregan with a set of mechanical pets for you to face, he'll reward a Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies.
    • This sack can rarely include a new battle pet, the Mini Spider Tank
  • Summon Random Pet Button
    • This is, as it sounds, similar to the random mount button, only with pets. Select a few and the game will pick from them whenever this is pressed. This has existed for a while behind the scenes and could be triggered with console commands, but this is the first time it has had a UI element.
  • New pets:
    • Three new pets have been datamined.
    • Model D1-BB-L3R
      • Dibbler, the Spider Tank mentioned above.
      • Abilities:
        • Wind-Up (Level 1)
        • Drill Charge (Level 2)
        • Explode (Level 4)
        • Toxic Smoke (Level 10)
        • Storm Coil (Level 15)
        • Clamp (Level 20)
    • Ghost Shark
      • Dropping in an unknown location thus far, this pet has the following description: "Queen Azshara's curse over the denizens of Azsuna did not only affect the night elves. This shark is doomed to an eternity of bottomless hunger."
    • Naxxy
      • A miniature version of Naxxramas itself, ready to spew goo over enemies. It'll cost you 150 Tricky Treats during the Hallow's End event this year. It can also be traded, so you could just raid the AH for it.
      • "It's just constantly barfing plague fluid. Where does it come from? Where does it go?"
      • Abilities:
        • Plague Breath (Level 1)
        • Sticky Web (Level 2)
        • Leech Life (Level 4)
        • Death Coil (Level 10)
        • Frost Nova (Level 15)
        • Drain Blood (Level 20)

WoW Patch 7.3 story

This is looking like a very story-heavy patch, given we're heading to the Legion's breeding ground and dealing with some of the most central villains in WoW's mythology. While details are leaking very slowly - not least because this is the stuff Blizzard really like to keep underwraps even from dataminers - we do know some things.

Various models tell us we'll be seeing the past of Argus, when Sargeras first arrived and corrupted Archimonde and others into the Eredar. You can see them in this imgur folder. There's also evidence of a Sargeras Pantheon model, which presumably will be used under a similar circumstance.

The datamined broadcast text from the raid also contains various massive spoilers for the probable end of the expansion's storyline - read at your own risk.

WoW Patch 7.3 transmog

Naturally, there will be a huge batch of new armours to play dress-up with in 7.3. However, bigger news is two significant changes to the wardrobe function that allows you to preview your look. As shown in this Imgur album, there's new class-specific backgrounds.

However, more interesting is the ability to change the size of the window within the basic UI. This is a much-requested feature as particularly large races - think Tauren - couldn't see themselves properly.

That's all we've found out about patch 7.3 so far. Expect much more as the patch develops on the PTR and more information is datamined. Wowhead and MMO-Champion will bring you the minutiae if you're after more.

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