WoW player’s character vanishes, so does Blizzard support

A World of Warcraft player has mysteriously lost their WoW character and bashed Blizzard Entertainment for leaving the problem unsolved

A Wow Shadow Priest character perches on a rock

Every WoW player’s worst nightmare is logging into the game only to find that their main character has seemingly disappeared. Unfortunately, fans of the long-running MMORPG have run into the problem before, a bug that seemingly will not go away.

For Reddit user NoMagiciansAllowed, this nightmare became a reality when they logged into their account only to find their main character, a Shadow Priest, all but vanished from both the game as well as the restoration list, leaving them completely befuddled.

They opened a ticket with Blizzard support to resolve the issue and restore the character, but after 17 days of no answer, they have started to lose faith they’ll be able to reinstate their beloved Priest. Agreeing with comments that it seems like a “f**k you” to an active player that’s been around since the Burning Crusade expansion, NoMagiciansAllowed calls it “a huge slap in the face.”

Other WoW fans are also losing confidence in Blizzard support, commenting that this isn’t the first time this has happened. “It’s like this with every ticket regardless of the issue,” says one player. “When you submit a ticket they’ll just refer you to the articles that they suggested before you opened a ticket. It’s a complete joke.”

Clearly, the ticket system feels outdated for players who just want to resolve in-game issues and talk to a customer service representative. Running out of options, NoMagiciansAllowed added: “There was no way to navigate the ticket system for this issue. The only option I have is to submit it as ‘Not As Listed’ because the issue is not applicable to any issue that is listed in the tickets. No one is reading my tickets.”

World of Warcraft might be regarded as the best MMORPG by some, but it’s not without its faults and customer service is important when it comes to picking up the pieces when something breaks. Leaving players feeling unheard or as though their time isn’t respected will only drive them away.

Sadly, the issue has not yet been resolved for NoMagiciansAllowed, but we can only hope Blizzard fixes the issues and potentially shifts from an automated approach to a more human one moving forward.

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