One WoW Classic Season of Discovery class rules, Warcraft boss says

World of Warcraft boss Holly Longdale tells us which of the WoW Season of Discovery classes she'll be picking up in Classic's new mode.

A pale woman with spikey black hair draining the essence from a skeleton, its soul a deep blue color

As the curtains fell and WoW Classic Season of Discovery was unveiled at BlizzCon 2023, the cheers cascaded through the audience like a tidal wave. Allowing players to combine several very different classes into one chaotic build, the event is probably one of the most exciting modes we’ve seen in a long time. Ahead of the Season of Discovery’s release date, amid the bustle of BlizzCon 2023, I asked executive producer Holly Longdale which of the classes was her favorite in an exclusive PCGamesN interview.

With a new rune system that lets you take your World of Warcraft Classic builds to a whole new level, the Season of Discovery is just the injection of new life we needed to tide us over until The War Within and, by proxy, the beginning of the MMORPG‘s new chapter, the Worldsoul Saga.

Season of Discovery allows you to fuse different class archetypes and rebuild your spec from the ground up. It’s led to a whole slew of different mashups, but there are four that work incredibly well – one of which is a clear favorite for Longdale.

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WoW Season of Discovery classes

Of the myriad different combinations you can create, four WoW Season of Discovery classes reign supreme:

  • Rogue Tank – Relying on their dodging and parrying as usual, Rogue Tanks have increased survivability, offering more group play than the solo-focused base spec.
  • Shaman Tank – With increased survivability and the ability to taunt other enemies, Shaman mains have finally got the tank spec they’ve been dreaming of.
  • Warlock Tank – Transform into a demon to gain huge amounts of health; and the best part is, you don’t even have to change back.
  • Mage Healer – A mixture of elemental-based ranged DPS and powerful healing.

But which one does she recommend? If you cast your mind back to the BlizzCon 2023 opening ceremony, you may just have your answer.

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“We talked about Warlock Tank [at the opening ceremony],” she says with a smile, and when I ask “is that the combination” she gives me an emphatic “yes! I’m so excited! In modern [WoW] I play Warlock, and [Warlock Tank] is just ridiculous. It’s super fun.

“That’s one of the magic things about Classic,” she continues. “I’m big on experimentation; I feel like we don’t make leaps forward without trying stuff. But we’re never going to alienate our audience – those people that have reasons why they come to WoW. We’ll never turn out back on them, but we want to be better and try some stuff. Let’s get back to the charm – some of the silliness and lightness,” she says, concluding “But yeah, Warlock Tank all the way.”

Well, you heard the lady! Give Warlock Tank a try during Season of Discovery, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. If you’re coming back to WoW after some time away, though, make sure you’ve got all the best WoW addons installed before you dive into fray. Or, if your eyes are on Cataclysm Classic, here’s our BlizzCon 2023 interview with Longdale, where we discuss why the team isn’t scared of WoW Cataclysm’s bad reputation.

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