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Blizzard adds another WoW Dragonflight affix to its nerf pile

In the wake of a slew of changes to some of WoW Dragonflight's most irritating affixes, Blizzard has confirmed that yet another fix is coming to the MMORPG.

Blizzard adds another WoW Dragonflight affix to its nerf pile: A werewolf with huge fans practicing tai chi amid golden wheat fields

If you thought the changes to World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s Explosive affix were good, then my friend I have some even better news for you. Blizzard has taken aim at the MMORPG‘s Raging affix to ensure it’s in a good state for WoW Dragonflight patch 10.1.

A whole slew of adjustments to affixes dropped on the WoW Dragonflight PTR on April 12, with the headline change being the complete removal of Explosive affix from WoW Dragonflight season 2.

Other changes included swapping which affixes were available at keystones seven and 14, as well as making a few smaller tweaks to each – but Blizzard isn’t done yet.

While the response has trended towards the positive, ‘Stonekey’ – a WoW developer who may just have etched themself into the top tier with the affix changes – notes that “we’ve been watching everyone play and listening to feedback on our affix update,” and the team has decided that Raging also needs a few adjustments.

“We hear the feedback that Raging preventing interrupts in addition to crowd control is too punishing and we agree. A hotfix will be sent to PTR realms shortly to allow interrupt effects on creatures under the effects of Raging.”

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Released alongside Explosive back in Legion, the Raging affix powers up non-boss enemies whose health bars have dropped below 30% by a whopping 50%, meaning they deal a lot more damage before eventually going down.

On the PTR for WoW Dragonflight 10.1, the affix had been adjusted to mitigate both CC and interrupts, which was nightmarish for an annoying Shadow Priest main like me who loves to use Silence. While the immunity to CC will remain following the hotfix, you can now interrupt mobs like you used to.

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