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You can’t actually use WoW Dragonflight’s new Druid transmog

Yes, you read that title correctly; if you're planning to pick up the new WoW Dragonflight Trading Post Druid transmog, you can't actually use it on your Druid.

You can't actually use WoW Dragonflight's new Druid transmog: A muscular man with pink skin and green hair with stag horns on his head stands with huge metal claws in a wooded area looking down at the camera

A new month, a new WoW Dragonflight Trading Post. Featuring a witch’s broom-inspired mount and transmogs for Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Druids, Halloween season is finally here, and it’s looking spooktacular. Well, kind of, because unfortunately one of the Druid transmogs actually can’t be worn by Druids. Yeah, that’s awkward.

Entitled ‘Ashamane’s Blessings of Rebirth,’ WoW‘s latest Druid transmog is absolutely gorgeous. Inspired by the Druid’s natural roots (pun entirely intended), it sees your Druid wield a leafy clawlike fist weapon, a stone dagger, or gnarled wooden staff. The problem is, you can’t actually use dual-wield as a Druid in the MMORPG.

As spotted by WoW content creator ‘Marvel,’ you can only transmog the fist and the dagger if you’re dual-wielding them – a luxury that Druids don’t actually have.

“Druids: This is a WARNING to not spend your Trading Post tenders on the druid-only fists and daggers,” she writes. “You can’t transmog them unless you’re wearing fists and daggers (we can’t wield fists and daggers). Unless they’re patched to work like artifact appearances, they’re not usable.”

A collection of wood and leaf-style transmog weapons for WoW, including a dagger, fist, and staffs

This applies to both Feral and Guardian Druids, who are probably the two that need the weapons the most. Balance (or ‘Boomkin’), after all, is a ranged DPS spec, and Restoration is a supportive healer.

And it really is a pity: both of these look absolutely awesome, and don’t require you to actually splash the cash. Sure, it’s still worth grinding for Ashamane’s Vestment of Rebirth, but two out of four weapon transmogs being useless doesn’t feel great.

While we cross our fingers and hope for a patch, it’s worth spending your Trader’s Tender on things like the High Scholar’s Grand Staff (I need it for my Holy Priest) and the Lil’ Phylactery (or Lil’ KT) because it’s adorable. The Headmaster’s Skullcap is also perfect if you’re looking to cosplay a Spyro-style Alextrasza this spooky season, so I’d suggest picking that up, too.

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To make sure you’re scooping up as much Tender as possible, though, make sure you’re running one of the best specs from our WoW Dragonflight tier list, as well as all of the best WoW addons – it never hurts to have some help.