WoW Dragonflight mount Scrappy Worldsnail secretly added via hotfix

The new WoW Dragonflight mount, Scrappy Worldsnail, has snuck into the MMORPG with a recent hotfix, and you'll want to acquire it as soon as possible

WoW Dragonflight mount Scrappy Worldsnail secretly added via hotfix: A green orc with facepaint and red armour rides a huge snail made out of lava and volcanic rock

A new WoW Dragonflight mount has slipped into the Dragon Isles via hotfix, allowing for avid creature collectors to add yet another animal to the their MMO menagerie. Entitled the Scrappy Worldsnail, if you’re looking to add a giant lava-inspired arthropod to your merry band of misfits, here’s how.

The Scrappy Worldsnail is, well, a really big snail. Sporting a boneless body made out of molten lava and a shell of hardened volcanic rock, this adorable dude is equal parts cute and straight up cool.

Thankfully, the mount isn’t a store one, so you won’t have to fork out actual cash to pick it up. Instead, there’s a little bit of grinding involved. Specifically, players will need to farm Magmotes, an item that unlocks after completing the Shadow of His Wings side-quest in The Waking Shores.

That’s not all, though, as you’ll have to become a Worldbreaker – sounds ominous, right? You can obtain the Worldbreaker Membership by returning the Restored Obsidian Key to Igys The Believer, who is located near the Obsidian Citadel. In the Twilight Cache he gives you, there’s a 30% chance (according to Wowhead) that you’ll get the Worldbreaker Membership.

From here, activate it. You’ll be granted the title of ‘Worldbreaker’ for two days, but it is removed if you die – so we’d advise you don’t do that. Farm up 1,000 Magmotes, then head over to Dealer Vexil at the Obsidian Citadel and trade them in for the Slumbering Worldsnail Shell. Voila, the volcanic creepy crawly is now yours.

A full rundown of the hotfix can be found here, and largely deals with bug fixes to different classes, items, quests, and raid and dungeon drops.

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