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WoW’s Frostmourne has been seized by the police - yes, really

A replica of Arthas Menethil's infamous sword that redefined the WoW story, Frostmourne, has been confiscated by Manitoba police during a recent raid.

A huge knight in twisted black armor stands holding a sword glowing with blue aura in front on an icy spire as a small police car drives up to him

Frostmourne – possibly the most infamous World of Warcraft weapon ever made. Responsible for the creation of Sylvanas Windrunner, the Forsaken, and The Scourge, it plays an integral part in the MMORPG‘s overarching narrative and takes center stage in WoW Wrath of the Lich King, arguably the game’s best expansion of all time. However, it’s no match for Manitoba police, who have now confiscated it – alongside myriad other weapons – as part of a recent raid. Yeah Arthas, take that.

In a news bulletin posted on Monday, September 11 on the Manitoba RCMP’s official website, it’s said that police raided a property in the Norway House area on Wednesday, September 6, confiscating 130 grams of what appeared to be pure cocaine.

While that’s a pretty impressive feat in itself, the officers also found a rather varied selection of unlicensed weaponry on the property, including machetes, a bear mace, and various high-caliber rifles. Amid that vast arsenal of weapons sits what is presumably a replica of Frostmourne, Arthas’ infamous, soul-shattering sword – simply labeled as “a sword” on the official report.

Four people have been arrested for the incident, including a 17-year-old, charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, as well as eight counts of possession of weapons for a dangerous purpose.

A collection of various weapons, including WoW sword Frostmorne

Picture this: Arthas, before he slays Terenas, is busted by the Azeroth police force for possession of a straight-up OP weapon. He’s tossed in jail in Lordaeron and left to rot. Sylvanas Windrunner never becomes the Banshee Queen, Quel’Thalas never falls. Shadowlands and BFA never happen. Man, doesn’t that last part sound sweet?

Speaking of speculating, I wonder if the sword is actually sharp – given you can buy it on the Blizzard merch store for $1,500 / £1,500 I have to assume that, while it’s cool to look at, it isn’t especially lethal. Either way, it could certainly do some decent blunt damage, and that’s probably enough to separate your soul from your body.

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