Public stoning is the latest fad in World of Warcraft

Happy Fun Rock

Trolling has taken many forms over the years. As the internet moved from anonymous hang-out to a place of business we saw trolling get a little less funny and a lot more nasty. The imaginative stuff is still brilliant, however, and the latest way of messing up a friendly player in World of Warcraft might be one of the best yet. It involves filling inventories and mail boxes to the point of bursting with a Happy Fun Rock.

For more significant news, here’s what’s happening in WoW patch 7.3.

As highlighted on Reddit last week, the Happy Fun Rock is an item that can be passed to any friendly players, with it ending up in their inventory. If you have enough rocks, you can fill their bags completely, especially since it stacks to only a max of four – meaning throwing five across will fill two slots.

But what happens, you may be wondering, when the inventory of the player is full? Well, rather than giving you a sensible error message and automatically returning your rock, it acts as loot the player was meant to receive but didn’t pick up. That means the server automatically stores it and uses the in-game mail system to return it to them.

Every. Single. One.

So if, for example, you end up like Redditor Bronkowitsch, and get thrown 904 rocks resulting in 226 stacks, your mailbox fills up as well. That means if you ever want to receive any of your legitimate mail – from the auction house where you’re selling goods or crafters you want to buy things from, for example – you’ll need to clear it out, deleting each pile of rocks since there’s nowhere in-game you can store 226 stacks of something basically useless.

Alternatively, you could just pass it on to the next person. Rockvenge.