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World of Warcraft’s 7.2.5 patch releases on June 13

WoW Legion

World of Warcraft’s next patch, 7.2.5, is due to land on June 13. We already know much of what’s in it, but there’s been a trickle more news in the lead-up to release, as well as a ‘survival guide’ video from Blizzard.

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New blue posts indicate that the Unholy Determination feat of strength is being removed, and the Hidden Wyrmtongue cache quest is being hotfixed to only require five caches.

Somewhat controversially, Unholy Determination is also being taken from players who have already achieved it, for the reason that “feedback from the community overwhelmingly pointed out that a missable achievement was both unfun for players that missed it, and unfun for players that felt compelled to slaughter innocent red dragons to achieve it.” It’s still been received poorly by many on the forums, with community manager Aerythlea having to bat aside comparisons with other unobtainable feats.

If you missed the big news about what’s happening in patch 7.2.5 – Black Temple Timewalking, the return of Chromie, some major class tweaks and more – check outour story on its announcement in April.

In other news, Blizzard have confirmed that they’ll be at Gamescom this year. “We’ll be putting on our best show yet from August 22-26, with lots of exciting activities, esports, and entertainment – including our famous dance and cosplay competitions.”