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WoW: Legion's final raid, Antorus, The Burning Throne, is now live

World of Warcraft patch 7.3.2

Blizzard aren’t quite done with Legion, and the final raid is out now. A new in-game cinematic has already been pulled out, and a lore drop is expected as soon as the dataminers get their paws on it. The final Mythic progression race will begin next week.

The next WoW expansion is Battle for Azeroth, but patch 7.3.5 will appear before that.

Antorus raid release date

Antorus, The Burning Throne goes live for all players during the week of November 28 resets (so November 29 for EU, November 30 in China). That's today!

Here's what a November 28 release means for various other modes (US-based, add a day or two for your region):

  • December 6: Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder wing 1
  • December 20: Raid Finder wing 2
  • January 3: Raid Finder wing 3
  • January 17: Raid Finder wing 4

All these will go live with normal server resets, early in the morning on release day, if you want to get in there as soon as possible. There will also likely be a couple of introductory quests to guide you in.

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Antorus raid guide

Three options here. The in-game dungeon journal has been live since patch 7.3 hit the servers, and it'll likely be enough to run you through normal if you prefer the no-spoilers approach. Hey, just in case right? Admittedly if you're reading this section, that's probably not for you.

The WoW subreddit hosted this fairly simple guide with nice graphics and explanations of where to stand and what to do. Those who prefer the paint art of the minimalist guides, which served me incredibly well during Emerald Nightmare especially, can find the latest over on MMO-Champion. That link should also update to the latest version whenever improvements are made - likely once the raid has launched and new mechanics are better understood.

Finally, Wowhead have in-depth Antorus guides for everything from achievement hunting to how to beat bosses on every difficulty. Don't expect to swan through Mythic next week just with those to help you, but it's the most in-depth stuff available. Including vital information like how the hell to get in there.

Argus, the Unmaker

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A quick note here to say that the final boss, the living embodiment of the planet Argus itself, has secret phases on Mythic difficulty which we know absolutely nothing about so far. Gul'dan had similar, as did various other bosses through WoW's history, and they're always pretty mad. Expect news about those to leak out once a batch of different guilds are fighting him.

Wowhead have highlighted some new datamined abilities, which suggest Sargeras might be getting a bit more personal with the raid as his champions start to fail. They've now also found a transformation ability and a second model for the secret phase, and MMO-Champion grabbed his boss fight music.

Antorus ending cinematic

Wowhead have provided a look at the opening cinematic that you'll see before the raid plays out, as well as the closing scene that occurs after defeating Argus. Naturally, spoilers abound.

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As a result of what happens in that closing cinematic, there are some big changes to one of Azeroth's old-world zones. Again, major spoiler warning - but if you want a preview of what will change once you've conquered the raid, check out Wowhead's extensive screenshots of the differences.

Antorus progress race

We'll need to wait for Mythic to launch before this really kicks off. Favourites to win the race are Method after they were so dominant in Tomb of Sargeras and Exorsus, Serenity and other favourites failed to compete properly. The top Chinese guild wasn't far behind and also streamed all their progress, so expect to see that again once people start hitting roadblocks.

On page two there are details of what was discovered during patch 7.3.2 datamining, including some lead-up events for Battle for Azeroth.

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