WoW Tokens are on their way to Europe right now

WoW Tokens coming to Europe

Blizzard’s WoW Tokens have spilled out of sunken galleons around Australia and the Americas, and are currently drifting toward Europe, carried by the ocean. If you’re thinking of heading to the beach to gather them all up, you’re out of luck. Goblins are already waiting, and you’ll need to buy them from the in-game shop, just like everybody else.

WoW Tokens can be used to pay for World of Warcraft game time, like EVE Online’s PLEX, and they will go on sale tomorrow, April 21st, at around 5pm CEST. They’ll set you back £15/€20, which makes them a wee bit pricier than in the US, where they cost $20.

The in-game shop isn’t the only place they’ll be available. Anyone who splashes out on WoW Tokens can sell them in the Auction House, where they’re valued at 35,000 gold. While Auction Houses are normally realm-wide, the Game Time tab, where you can buy and sell WoW Tokens, will be region-wide, increasing the amount of potential customers.

As we saw in the US, this price will no doubt fluctuate as the market is flooded with them. Within a single day, the US WoW Tokens shed almost a quarter of their value.