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WoW might be getting a Vampire Survivors bullet hell mode

It looks like World of Warcraft may be getting a Vampire Survivors-inspired bullet hell mode, if recent WoW datamines are anything to go by.

WoW might be getting a Vampire Survivors bullet hell mode: A traditional vampire character glaring into the camera on a moody backdrop with a Dracula style castle

Call me controversial, but one of the best zones in World of Warcraft is the ever-divisive Shadowlands’ Revendreth. Blending classic vampire horror with the high gothic world of FromSoftware’s iconic Bloodborne, when I first stepped foot in Sire Denathrius’ gray-tinted zone I was instantly in love. If you, like me, love all things Azeroth and vampiric, then I have good news for you: a Vampire Survivors game mode looks like it may be coming in 10.2.5.

Spotted by the good folks over at WoWhead, it looks like World of Warcraft may be getting some sort of Vampire Survivors style roguelike mode in patch 10.2.5.

According to a new set of Scenescript.db entries, which WoWhead states is “commonly used for various minigames and cutscenes within WoW,” 10.2.5 has listings for a “Vampire Survivors Mode – Game Mode – Client Scene (OJF),” and “Vampire Survivor Mode – Data – Creatures.”

An image showing datamined World of Warcraft modes, hinting at a Vampire Survivors game mode for WoW10.2.5

Obviously there’s not much to go on here, but this does feel like it’ll be a World of Warcraft game mode in its entirety – not a direct crossover with Vampire Survivors. Honestly, I’d probably prefer it that way.

Given the game’s bloody history with all things vampiric, there’s so much you could do in a mode like this. Imagine a Vampire Survivors set in Castle Nathria, where you fight through the bosses (and no doubt hordes of other monsters) to get to Denathrius. If they let you wield a Venthyr parasol as a weapon, it would be absolute perfection.

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Or, alternatively, make it all about Murlocs and Naga. One of the exciting things about the Vampire Survivors formula is that it’s so flexible – all you need are heroes and hordes of enemies. Although, I am biased and really like Murlocs, so maybe let me play as a Murloc fighting the main cast of heroes instead.

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