WoW Warlock demons receive some Zandalari troll flavour

WoW Warlocks’ array of cosmetic glyphs receive a fan-made expansion thanks to one fan, who adds some Zandalari flair and Blood Troll magic to the class

WoW Warlock Demon Glyphs: a troll warlock gathers his magical power

Most MMORPGs, certainly those with significant followings, employ a veritable army of artists, designers, 3D modellers and animators. World of Warcraft is certainly no exception; but with the sheer industrial quantity of content that is regularly poured into the game with every expansion or major update, certain elements are going to fall by the wayside. One such element is cosmetic glyphs. WoW Warlocks have plenty of these, which range from demon makeovers to spell recolours, but for many players, it’s not enough. Reddit user Fishbones06 clearly shares the community’s disappointment with this state of affairs, as they’ve designed a batch of 12 new cosmetic glyphs for Warlocks to spruce up their pets with.

WoW Warlock Zandalari Troll Glyphs: the four Warlock pets with a Zandalari aesthetic

Readers with good memories may recall Fishbones’ Murloc themed ghoul glyphs, but this time the theming is more of a troll job – literally. The first set of glyphs is based on the aesthetic of the Zandalari trolls, adding gold armour and masks to the Felhunter, Succubus, and Voidwalker, and turning your imp into an animate golden idol. The powerful Zandalari Empire is a frequent player in the history of Azeroth. A tribe which values knowledge, history and magic above all else, the Zandalari have clashed with player characters in numerous places, from Zul’drak in Northrend to the Isle of Thunder in Pandaria. They became an Allied Race in Battle for Azeroth, making these glyphs a perfect fit for Zandalari Warlocks.

WoW Warlock Blood Troll Demons: the four warlock pets with a Blood Troll aesthetic

The second set is inspired by the Blood Trolls, adding bones, nails and a crimson colour scheme to all four demons. The Succubus is transformed into more of a blood soaked harpy, and the imp into a creepy animated voodoo doll. The Blood Trolls are a cannibalistic tribe which practice blood magic and devour their enemies in order to make themselves stronger. They represented a major threat during Battle for Azeroth, as the Blood God G’huun occupied the titan sanctum of Uldir.

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