Steven Seagal is in World of Warships

What do you mean, it doesn't make sense?

Steven Seagal is in World of Warships, appearing to promote the game in a new trailer, and available for players to unlock as an in-game commander.

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It was confirmed today that, again, Steven Seagal is in World of Warships. As part of a new event, kicking off today and running until December 14, you can unlock him as an in-game commander for the Americans.

You’ll need to earn 70,000 base XP to unlock Seagal, but must earn that XP within Random, Ranked, Team or Co-op battles. As soon as you pull this off, you’ll receive Seagal. He comes with 6 Skill Points and 100 Zulu Hotel flags (which grant +50% XP for your Commander).

Excitingly, or perhaps ominously, Wargaming promises Seagal’s involvement with the game doesn’t end here, and that we can expect more from him in the near future.

Seems there’s never a dull moment in the naval combat MMO, which despite its rigorous attention to historical detail, has regularly let its hair down. Last December year it had a tie-in event with the manga series Arpeggio of Blue Steel, and it’s currently in the middle of a Halloween event featuring three spooky, fictional new warships.