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World of Warships Soviet update will paint the game red in October

World of Warships Soviet update

World of Warships may have only launched last week, but it’s already gearing up for a Soviet-flavoured update, due out next month. Big ol’ destroyers from the USSR, people, that’s what you’re getting. And the new Soviet tech tree, to boot. 

Here’s what Wargaming has to say about these big, rusty ships: “The hard-hitting cannons deliver great accuracy making hitting even the fastest targets at long distance a breeze. Coupled with extremely high speed, strong anti-aircraft armaments and rapid turret rotation at higher Tiers, these new Soviet vessels are capable of delivering devastating attacks run.”

German cruisers are also sailing into the game. They’ll have high endurance, lots of armour and powerful weapons. Do they have any weaknesses? Perhaps, but they are apparently not exciting enough to be featured in a press release.

All this is coming on October 19th.