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Do the impossible and kill Rasputin in World of Warships

world of warships update halloween 2017

Last year, brave World of Warships captains were able to send Rasputin back to his watery grave. Yet, 12 months on, his evil ship has risen again to the surface, just in time for Halloween. Again players are tasked with sinking him and his Zikasa hordes.

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Ahead of October 31st, Wargaming is releasing the Sunray in the Darkness mission, that sends players to the Silver Spear Archipelago where they will have to face off against four new Halloween ships.

The mission is simple. A thick fog has appeared off the coast of the archipelago, out of which Rasputin’s forces are emerging. They aim to destroy a series of guard towers thare are working to close the portal to the other side. You must protect the towers, destroy all the enemy ships, defeat Rasputin and take on the new enemy: the Gorgon.

When you play the mission you’ll find your ship comes loaded with a special Halloween consumable. Some of these will affect your enemies while others will target your allies.

Naturally, completing the mission nets you a hold-load of rewards, from Halloween camo to free XP.