Tank shoots, it scores: World of Tanks gets a World Cup mode

World of Tanks Football Mode

Football is a sport that seems to be rather popular. If you’re an American reader, you’ll inexplicably know it as soccer. I’m constantly being informed that the World Cup is a thing, and is also a rather big deal. Which is a shame, because it’s also run by FIFA, which is essentially a super villain group. 

It might already be clear that I don’t care much for the sport (and it has nothing to do with Scotland being terrible at it). But I have been known to dabble in tank warfare. What do the two have in common? In a sane universe, not very much. But nobody has accused Wargaming of being sane. They’ve only gone and added a new football mode to World of Tanks.

Two teams will of tanks will face each other in the ruins of Himmelsdorf, which now has a football pitch, and will have to shoot and bump into a ball in an effort to direct it into the goal.

The matches are 3 vs 3 affairs, last 7 minutes and the first team to score 3 goals wins. In every way, shape and form, this is better than the real sport. The match is shorter and there are no overpaid baby-men. Also, you know, there are tanks.

World of Tanks: Football Edition will lamentably only run until Monday, July 14th, so jump in your temporary T-62A SPORT and go shoot some balls.

Cheers, RPS.