World of Warplanes is about to take to the skies


After two months of open beta, filled with bombing runs, dogfighting and chunks of burning metal falling from the sky, Wargaming’s World of Warplanes is getting ready to launch. 

On September 26, it will burst through the clouds over Europe and North America, while CIS countries will get a chance to grab it a day earlier. 

To get you in the mood, take a gander at this completely insane cinematic trailer.

I’m not normally fans of such things – unrepresentative trailers, not planes – but damn, is that stirring stuff.

World of Warplanes boasts over 100 different American, Russian, Japanese, German and British planes, which have seen over 200 million combat flights during beta – those are some big numbers. Not googolplex big, but still impressive.

Being too blind to join the RAF, this looks like a solid alternative for me. See you in the sky.