Worlds Adrift’s closed beta has been delayed by a few weeks, due to recent alpha feedback

Worlds Adrift Beta Delay

If you were getting ready to sail the skies in Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift, you’re going to have to wait that little bit longer. In a video update, Bossa have stated that they’ve had to delay the closed beta stage of Worlds Adrift, so they can polish up some issues that appeared during their most recent alpha test.

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According to designer Luke Williams, alpha 6 of Worlds Adrift “highlighted a lot of shortcomings” that Bossa “were not happy to release with.” While they have managed to fix issues like the lack of metal on starting islands and thunderstorms causing considerable screen shake, elements like the character creator still require considerable work before the closed beta is ready for release.

When the closed beta does arrive, the character creator will finally allow players to customise their character to not be one of a legion of blonde-haired, blue-eyed sky pirates. The beta will vary up the wilderness of Worlds Adrift, with the game now generating more islands over a much larger area of the sky.

Ship frames will be salvageable at long last, meaning you aren’t left with a useless husk of a ship once you realise it’s too big to fly. You can also salvage the ship frames of other players if they simply abandon them somewhere in the sky. Bossa are also working to reduce instances of griefing by getting rid of the infamous “bomb-glider” combo. They have made bombs non-stackable items, meaning griefers can only carry a small amount of explosive while on a suicide mission. Gliders have also received a rework, where pilots now have to keep moving to stop them from falling out of the sky.

For all the details about what is scheduled to come in the Worlds Adrift closed beta, do check out the developer diary above for all the information. The delay should only be a matter of weeks, rather than months, so expect the beta to release sometime in the summer.