Worlds Adrift expands its horizons with the introduction of alliances

Worlds Adrift Alliances

With its sights set on Steam Early Access later this year, Bossa Studios’ – they of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread notoriety – larger-than-life and oh-so-pretty MMO Worlds Adrift continues to expand. The latest community-driven feature to be announced from its aircrafts is Alliances, where players can make mates and form everlasting (or not) teams. 

Kirk spoke to Bossa Studios about how they’re changing MMOs with Worlds Adrift.

In standard MMO form, the Alliances feature in Worlds Adrift will introduce structured crews that have assignable ranks, specialised skills and interests, and identifiable flags and colours. Do you become a band of pirates? Or a group of hunters that stalk the world’s rarest species? Perhaps you’ll be a squad of good samaritans? It’s up to you, but choose wisely as “it’s a rough world out there”, according to Bossa.

So how does it all work? Here’s Bossa with a typically informative video that covers the finer details:

“Players are free to create their own Alliances or join an existing group, both of which can be done on the game’s official site,” says Bossa in a statement. “Once united with an Alliance, players will have access to unique tools to enable Alliance communication and recruitment.”

These unique tools include access to a private Alliance-specific forums, the chance to recruit new players into your Alliance if you’re the Alliance leader, and the ability to customise your official Alliance emblem.

“In addition to the base benefit of pooled knowledge Alliances offer to Worlds Adrift players, aligning with an Alliance now will give players a head-start on planning and strategizing with team members ahead of the game’s launch later this year,” adds Bossa. “Essentially, a player’s alliance and companions will be ready and waiting when the game launches.“

Worlds Adrift is due for Early Access release later this year. We’ve got both eyes on it.