Worlds Adrift shows us an MMO that reaches for the skies in this gameplay trailer


Worlds Adrfit is an MMO set in a world where islands float in the skies, people pilot flying galleons and everyone swings around and hoists things up with grappling hooks – when they’re not wingsuiting through the clouds, that is. 

Surprisingly, this is coming from Bossa Studios, the same studio that brought us I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. But if you look closely, you can see their experience with physics-based playgrounds bleeding through into this with those aforementioned grappling hooks.

It looks refreshing and, crucially, a ton of fun. The setting kind of reminds me of an old Dreamcast classic: Skies of Arcadia. Though this is clearly a completely different beast, that too had flying ships, sky pirates and floating islands that begged to be explored.

Have a look at the trailer:

How can a game look so relaxing and so exciting at the same time? I want to sit the wing of a sky boat as a piano slowly plays, I want to ram a massive ship into another, and I want to winguit aboard a hostile ship and shoot some other players directly in their stupid faces. It looks like Worlds Adrift will cater to all of that and more in a single, shared universe.

I love stumbling across surprises like this and I’ll be keeping a keen eye on it as more information comes out. Hopefully it will be as refreshing as it appears in the trailer. MMO games need a hook to keep you playing, and Worlds Adrift’s hook seems to be ‘make the most kick-ass sky boat‘, so call me Captain Kirk, because I’ll be taking the helm.