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Worlds Adrift shows us an MMO that reaches for the skies in this gameplay trailer


Worlds Adrfit is an MMO set in a world where islands float in the skies, people pilot flying galleons and everyone swings around and hoists things up with grappling hooks - when they're not wingsuiting through the clouds, that is. 

Surprisingly, this is coming from Bossa Studios, the same studio that brought us I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator. But if you look closely, you can see their experience with physics-based playgrounds bleeding through into this with those aforementioned grappling hooks. 

It looks refreshing and, crucially, a ton of fun. The setting kind of reminds me of an old Dreamcast classic: Skies of Arcadia. Though this is clearly a completely different beast, that too had flying ships, sky pirates and floating islands that begged to be explored. 

Have a look at the trailer:

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How can a game look so relaxing and so exciting at the same time? I want to sit the wing of a sky boat as a piano slowly plays, I want to ram a massive ship into another, and I want to winguit aboard  a hostile ship and shoot some other players directly in their stupid faces. It looks like Worlds Adrift will cater to all of that and more in a single, shared universe. 

I love stumbling across surprises like this and I'll be keeping a keen eye on it as more information comes out. Hopefully it will be as refreshing as it appears in the trailer. MMO games need a hook to keep you playing, and Worlds Adrift's hook seems to be 'make the most kick-ass sky boat', so call me Captain Kirk, because I'll be taking the helm. 

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Sydthmadhr avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Sydthmadhr Avatar
2 Years ago

Theme-wise kind of like Allods Online

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Ah, Skies. Such fond memories. I've actually endeavoured of late to rise that experience from its grave, so to speak. I've always been in the SEGA camp, I'm fond of their penchant for quirkiness. And every now and then, I'll revisit an oldie that I have sweet memories of to rekindle them.

I recently played the fan translation of the PS2 Phantasy Star remake and that was lovely. I recommend it. Skies, though. Gosh, what an experience that was. A JRPG without a cast of emo characters, a world where you made a difference and did more than just walk in circles hoping for some onerous imps to jump out of the bushes.

Which is a bit of a questionable hobby, come to think of it.

Oh, those discoveries, though! And the fist shaking at Domingo whenever I was beaten to one. I've found, alas, that the emulation scene for the Dreamcast is not up to par and the fate of my Skies disc continues to be the darkness of a storage drawer.

Maybe it's time to grab a cheap Dreamcast off of eBay. Play some Ecco, and Power Stone II, and Skies.