Worms W.M.D breaks with tradition to fill its maps with beautiful bunkers

Worms W.M.D

I’ve played Worms W.M.D, and it’s a good laugh, built specifically to feel like Armageddon – which for Team17 and I imagine many of you still feels like the high point of the series.

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It’s not a lazy entry, either – introducing enterable buildings, vehicles and a new art style that learns one of the key lessons of recent PC gaming: that procedural can be beautiful. Take a look.

The maps are still vaguely themed: Countryside; Motherland; Orient. But the hills are now interspersed with hand drawn art, some of which offers shelter. Players can squirm inside buildings and take up positions unseen by their online opponents, waiting out bombings or setting up ambushes.

Worms W.M.D does single-player too, of course – some 20 training missions, 30 campaign levels and ten challenges. And multiplayer can be local, as 21 years of tradition dictates.

It’s out on August 23. Which was the last Worms game you played? I’ve got a soft spot for the 3D ones myself.