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British tanks are finally coming in World of Tanks update 8.1


This trailer for the all new British tanks coming to World of Tanks in the 8.1 update ends with a tank — one of our beloved metal buddies — firing its cannon at us, the innocent viewers, thus revealing the World of Tanks logo. It feels like a terrible betrayal. Tanks are supposed to fight one another, not the omnipotent, hovering, harmless player-controlled cameras that inhabit their world. For that reason, I suggest you absorb all of this lovely information about British armour and then avert your eyes before the cheeky tank can take a pop at your face.

Update 8.1 will introduce the British Tank Tech Tree, which includes light, heavy and medium tanks including theConquerorand the Crusader. 22 tanks will be added, with more coming in a future update. WarGaming’s CEO told PCGamesN that he felt “incredibly guilty” about the lack of British tanks until now, stating that the roster should have added the vehicles last year.

For bonus points, can you guess which music they chose to introduce the new fleet?