Russia went World of Tanks mad on Sunday, with over a million concurrent players on the Russian cluster

Over a million people played World of Tanks together on the Russian cluster

World of Tanks has more than a few fans worldwide, but it’s in Russia where the online tank-on-tank extravaganza has its most ardent fans. Last year WoT set a new record for most concurrent players in one server, a Russian one of course, with over 190,000 players in Russia fighting each other.

Back then Wargaming boasted a peak concurrent user figure of over 800,00 in Russia alone, but as of January 19th, it’s smashed that figure into the ground, presumably with a tank shell.  

On Sunday, the Russian cluster hosted 1,114,000 players simultaneously, which is a hell of a lot of Russians demolishing each other with tanks. There are around 143 million people in Russia, so that’s rather significant chunk playing World of Tanks at the same time. Of course, it’s not just Russians playing on the Russian cluster, but let’s just pretend it is for dramatic effect.

Is it any wonder that Russian teams perform pretty damn well in tournaments? They must devour tiny little tanks doused in milk for breakfast while we’re all munching on cornflakes. I don’t even eat cornflakes, actually, instead I slurp soft porridge like someone with no teeth.