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World of Tanks 9.0 throws players back in time with a Historical Battles mode

World of Tanks 9.0

World of Tanks’ 9.0 update, New Frontiers, kicks off the heavy metal game’s promised big changes. It’s been shot out of a turret and into the game today.

It brings with it the Historical Battles mode, reworked maps, HD tank textures and improved physics, which is rather a lot of stuff to throw into a single update.

Ten tanks from the roster have been given the HD treatment, including the Tiger I and Centurion. The tank improvements aren’t just in the looks department, though. “New physics functions including blow-off turrets upon explosion of the ammo rack, and realistic suspension behavior in the HD models, create a more realistic environment allowing players to delve deeper into tank battles,” Wargaming said.

These tanks, along with their unchanged chums, will get to roll around four reworked maps: Serene Coast, Malinovka, Pearl River and Severogorsk. Buildings have been shifted, spawn and flap points have been moved, terrain has been altered – some of them should offer some starkly different experiences now.

The new mode is undoubtedly the largest addition in the update. Three Second World War battles – with more coming – are available, with players being assigned teams based on the nationality of their tank. Then, their equipment will be replaced with historically appropriate modules and ammunition.

The three scenarios are The Battle of the Bulge, Operation Spring Awakening and The Battle of Kursk. Due to the specific battles, only American, Soviet and German tanks can be used at the moment, but no doubt more will be playable as more conflicts are thrown into the mix.

Historic Battles will offer the same experience and credits multiplayers as Random Battles.

I think I’ll be blowing up some tanks this Easter weekend, then.