World of Tanks expands again, introduces Chinese tanks


Say what you like about Wargaming, say what you like about tanks, write a 500 word opinion piece on cannons for The Guardian if you want, hire a skywriter to express your true feelings about armoured warfare in the clouds if that’s what you’re into, just say what you like about Wargaming, but they do put together a damn fine trailer. The latest World of Tanks trailer is all about the freshly revealed Chinese tanks, from China.

Following hot on the tracks of British tanks, the nextincoming World of Tanks update ushers in aChinese fleet of mechanical artillery slingers. A tech-tree including 17 different tanks, from our old pals the T-34 and IS-2to the more precious T-62 tank. And, of course, the powerful and emotiveT-59 makes its debut in this update too.

The trailer is suitably Chinese, featuring dragons, bamboo and of course,today’s stars, Chinese rolly-boomers.

Tanks, PC Gamer.