World of Tanks players on US servers can earn triple XP this weekend


Good morning, Stateside players! While you won’t get to enjoy the holiday promotion that so many European players are cashing in on, anyone playing on US servers this weekend will be able to celebrate the Souain Experiment, the testing of a prototype tank in 1915 that eventually led to the development of these enormous, grumpy battlecans.

There’s a credit income bonus for several French tanks, while everyone gets to enjoy triple experience points from their first win of the day. You can also buy a three day premium account for just 300 pieces of in-game gold. The event started at 03:30 PST and will end at 03:00 PST on Monday, December 10.

Here’s the income bonus breakdown.

The following tanks get a 50% bonus:

  • AMX 38
  • D2
  • Renault UE 57

These tanks get a 40% bonus:

  • AMX 40
  • B1
  • BDR G1B
  • S-35 CA
  • Somua SAu-40

While these tanks get a 30% bonus:

  • AMX 12t
  • ARL 44
  • ARL V39

And yes, I did indeed take the above screenshot while running SweetFX. How canny of you to notice.

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