World of Warplanes dev diary shows off updated visuals and refined controls


The most recent update for World of Warplanes will be a welcome release to all those in the closed beta. It updates the game’s visuals, particularly the shaders used to decorate the planes – now they’ll look closer to the materials they’re constructed of. Also, more importantly for the actual enjoyment of playing the game, the controls have been revamped, making for a more intuitive experience, apparently.

The updates are detailed below in the dev diary released today by Wargaming.Net.

I had a few notes from what’s shown off in the video but it amounted to MOAR GRAFIKS, BETTA SHAYDURS, HISTRY LESSIN, MOAR FLEWIS N DINAMICK KONTROLS. So I thought best to let you gals and guys have a gander over the footage for yourself.

The update’s already gone live to Russian and North American servers. We European folk will need to wait till the 20th.

I’ve yet to have a go at the new effort from Wargaming, but our resident expert on all things antiquity, Paul Dean, is very excited for World of Warplanes;he picked it as this year’s game to watch out for.