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World of Warplanes trailer shows lush beaches, clogged cities, and trainsplosions


Wargaming are trundling along to world domination. Yesterday we learned that the flagship (flagtank?) game World of Tanks had over 40 million registered players. Today we’ve received a video showing off their second wave in the assault against gaming kind: World of Warplanes.

As you can see, planes feature. As do deserts, trains (and train explosions), boats, docks, smoke, crashing, tires, and what I think we can describe as lush vistas. All nice things.

How much of this is artistic license though? Will our planes be able to attack ground vehicles? Will there even be ground vehicles? Is there truly a skyline that pretty on offer in the game? Who? How? Are they my Maltesers? All should be answered in the coming weeks.